The Skudata, known as Skythai (Scythians) by the Greeks, lived an isolated life away from the troubles of the urbanized world, with a simple herdsman's life the nomad makes a living with his animals. Having only to move with them like one of the herd and take them to the favored grazing spots leaves much time for the practice of horsemanship and shooting the bow. A nomad’s life may seem simple to the rest of the world, but living in such harsh climates and travelling a great many miles a day on the steppes every day has made the Skudata a fierce enemy. Whilst ordinarily the Skudata are not bothered by the politics of distant nations with their cities and decadence, the time always comes around when the nomads must mount their warhorses, take up the spear and bow and raid the neighboring countries for gold, cattle and glory.

The Skudata formed a loose network of nomadic tribes of horse-riding herdsmen and raiders. They invaded many areas in the steppes of Eurasia, including areas in present-day Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and southern Russia. Ruled by small, closely-allied elites, the Skudata had a reputation for their skilled archers, and many gained employment as mercenaries. But the Skudata main strength lies in their much practiced art of horse-archery and furthermore their developed use of heavily armored cavalry. The Skudata cavalry has a great reputation for its prowess in the charge and fire fight, but the Skythian infantry is underdeveloped as it is not surprising in a horse nomad society. In contrast, the shire presence of Skudata nobles in their full iron armor on iron clad horses is enough to make any enemy tremble.

Without the desire to conquer new lands the Skudata have led an arguably peaceful and isolated life disturbed only by raids into the south and internal strife. But with an ambitious ruler at the head of her army, Skudata could sweep down from the northlands and conquer all who foolishly attempted resistance.


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